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Achin’ for Bacon?

Achin’ for bacon but don’t want to eat the entire slab in one sitting?  Then roll it and freeze it!

 Bacon has a bad reputation.  You can see the fat…about 40% of which is saturated.  And it is loaded with salt, usually due to the curing process.

 But bacon tastes sooooo good!  And one average-width slice contains only about 40-45 calories.  So if your preference is to use a small amount of bacon as an occasional addition to your spinach salad, country potatoes, black beans or scrambled eggs, then just fry up what you need and freeze the rest. 

 The most convenient way to freeze bacon is to roll each piece individually, freeze them on a cookie sheet, and then transfer the rolls to a zippered bag.  Then you can effortlessly grab 1 or 2 rolled slices as needed.

Ready for The Big Freeze


 So go ahead…take care of that occasional ache!



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