I'm just a girly-girl who likes to eat and who likes to talk - but not at the same time! I am an L.A. native with Louisiana roots - that accounts for my love of all things food. Unfortunately, I did not inherit the branch of my mother's roots that accounts for her slender frame. Hence, my constant search for organic, healthy, good-tasting food. There's a little more that you should know about me. Over the years, I have hit two health "speed bumps". The first was a battle with uterine fibroids. The second (a year later) was a diagnosis of breast cancer. The cancer was caught early, on a mammogram. It was the size of a green pea. Because of early detection, I was able to have a little lumpectomy and a wee bit of radiation. The cancer had not spread and I chose not to have chemotherapy. So there's no need to go "awww" or "oh no" because the cancer speed bump was less stressful than dealing with the fibroids. Ever have a period that lasts for 3 weeks? OK, I know...TMI. But there is a method to my madness. These two occurrences led me to question my friend, Google, about what I could do to reduce my risk of hitting those speed bumps again. Two factors that scientists feel contribute to fibroids and certain cancers are 1) the hormones that are fed to cows and end up in our beef supply, and 2) the pesticides that are sprayed on veggies (I'm referring to cancer, not fibroids). This is what led me to change my eating and food-shopping habits. Along with sharing my recipes, my gardening adventures and anecdotes about my attempts to find fun exercise, my goal is to bring healthy back by raising health literacy. Let me know how I'm doing!

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